Protein..a little bit goes long way.

Well today’s topic is about an important part of our meal. As you read it right. It is about proteins. Today half of the world is obsessed with protein and half of the world has no clue about it. So what is it? Why is it important? Well protein forms an important structure in our body. To put it in blunt way if you do not have enough proteins and calcium then you won’t stand up straight. Yes, that is right! You won’t have ability to fight with infections, walk around with energy and be a happy person. Hmm? Something to think about?

On the other hand, some people overdo proteins. They want to bulk up in muscles and look like hulk! Athletes need more protein than general population. Kids and pregnant woman too. You know interesting thing about proteins – You do not need more than 30% of your daily calories from protein. If you eat more than 30% , body turns it beautifully into glucose and then excess glucose gets stored as triglycerides i.e. Fat. 🙂 So when people say I am not loosing weight despite eating protein, you know the reason. 🙂

What are the benefits of adding protein in our diet in terms of weight management? – 1. Increase in immunity.

2.Increase in satiety. Yes. That is true. When we add protein our hunger goes away for long time. When we eat daal with our meal, we feel full for long time. We can sustain for 3-4 hours easily.

3. It makes you look young. How? It makes the base stronger and keeps face tight. Protein helps in keeping you look younger.

How often should we eat protein? In every meal. Every major meal should have at least 10-15gms protein. Basically 1/4th of the 10 inch plate should be protein.Not more,not less.

How can we incorporate that in vegetarian meals – Include daal, sprouted pulses, paneer, yogurt, milk in the diet. Include nuts and seeds on daily basis. Other options are tofu, seitan, tempeh , soy milk etc. Even grains, vegetables have some protein in them.

Some of the vegetarian proteins are complete like chia seeds or hemp seeds or buckwheat. That is they have all essential amino acids in them. However most of the vegetarian source of protein is not. They lack in one or more essential amino acids. So how are we doing if just eat plain daals and sprouts and no grains? We can not live just on seeds too? Many people make mistakes in making good food choices. Our ancestors have thought of it. That is why rajma is served with rice and ghee. Khichdi ( moong daal+ rice combo) or pongal is served to ill person for a reason. No doubt it also has carbs in it, but it also makes complete protein.

When you eat right kind of food( protein) it keeps you calm and keep going with enthusiasm..:) Continue reading