Regional Foods of India- Maharashtrian Food. Part- 1.

I am thinking about this topic from very long time. I come from a family of foodies. I love trying different foods. Sometimes one of my life partner comes in the way and make me feel guilty and depressed about it. Now I know few solutions how to keep him in check. As you can see eating carbohydrates and diabetes are kind of enemy , if you do not have something to gel them. For example not exceeding the limit of the meal, eating a lot of vegetables and good fat with our favorite meals, doing exercise 10-15 minutes before the high carb meal, doing walking 10-15 minutes after the meal, eating carb blocker with the meal etc. I know that is a lot to do with eating carbohydrates. People say that walking after meal helps in maintaining blood glucose, which I agree totally. But I know it is not a new concept. It has been in the Indian culture from ages. It is called “Shat-pavlya” i.e. walking least 100 steps after meal especially after dinner. As a child, when my mom and my dad asked us to do that believe me I used to think it is torture. Now I understand it was for my benefit that they asked us to do and my parents did with us. I am going off the topic. By genetic makeup I am carb reducer. So I need to eat less carbohydrates to support my blood glucose levels and my weight. All of the Indian vegetarian food is pretty much high carbs if you look at the current eating pattern and lifestyle. But if we tweak a bit in it, we can enjoy traditional Indian food too, with little guilt. ( Also follow the tips that I mentioned above.)

So here I am presenting my first Indian food dish which is from Maharashtra. India( where I am from.) It is moderate carbs, vegan/vegetarian depending on how you cook , gluten-free and nutritionally good if you include all the foods that I have shown in the picture.

IMG_0225This is one of the traditional maharashtrian thali- It has pithala ( made of chickpea flour, onions cooked and tempered with mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida for good digestion- high in protein)- 2/3rd cup cooked, 1 bajari bhakri ( it is gluten-free ,30 gms in weight) , 1/2 cup of vangyache bharit( It has roasted eggplant sauted with onions and garlic, and peas), 1 cup of radishes( vegetable which helps in digestion of bean protein), 1 tablespoon tilachi chutney( sesame chutney- toasted sesame seeds, raw garlic, red chillies, cumin, salt- a source of good fat, for heart health.).- Total carbohydrate comes to around 50 gm carbs. ( I include TAG always for insulin/ carb ratio).



2 thoughts on “Regional Foods of India- Maharashtrian Food. Part- 1.

  1. One of the Nutritional yet taste bud satisfying dish..
    Nicely explained Dr Deepti.
    Kudos to your description n writing skill.


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