Indian Vegetarian Breakfast Options.

One of my aunt asked me about breakfast options for a person with diabetes mellitus and Indian vegetarian.( Lactovegetarian ). I wrote her an email and that gave me a topic to write in my blog. Thank you Kalpana Maoshi for the topic. Here are some examples along with tricks to make sure our blood glucose is stable over a long period of time and we are not cranky between breakfast and lunch.  Always make sure you have some vegetables and fruits in the breakfast. Half of the plate/bowl should be vegetables and quarter should be protein and one quarter should be grains/ pulses.
1. Vegetable upma/poha with some peanuts in it with greek yogurt( strained yogurt) and half plate of cucumber/carrots/tomatoes with slices of apple and oranges or any fruit.
2. Masala vegetable oats with peanut chutney and yogurt with veggies and fruits.
3. Yogurt with fruits and nuts and chia seeds. ( My favorite breakfast)
4. Moong daal idli with chutney and vegetable sambhar with vegetable sides.
5. Vegetable sandwich with vegetables and cheese slice and side of vegetables.
6. oats in yogurt like dahi bhat with cucumbers on the side.
7. Sprouted Brown Rice( mod aanlela haat sadicha tandool) with veggies and peanuts along with yogurt or make a kheer out of it without sugar and add fruits and cinnamon for the sweetness.
8. Breakfast smoothie- What we do is we mix 2 cups of raw spinach/Kale with 1 banana and an apple. All plant protein powder with flax seeds or other seeds and almond milk/soy milk. Blend it, divide it by 2 (for us) and drink it. You get 3 servings of fruits and vegetables along with protein and healthy fat.
9. Besan ka chila or moong pesaratu with vegetables and cheese or yogurt on the side.
10. Apple wiches and banana wiches with a cup of milk.
11. Whole grain bagel with cream cheese/ hummus along with veggies and a serving of fruit.
Basically you can have anything for your breakfast, just make sure to have half plate of vegetables and a quarter of protein on the side. This will keep your cool till you have lunch. I hope this helps all of us.