Happy New Year Everyone.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. I hope everyone gets whatever they have asked for. May this year brings you health, wealth. I know it is almost end of January and I am wishing late. But hey everyday is a new day, that’s what I believe in and it will never be too late to wish anyone a very happy new year. Me and my husband have at least 3-4 new year celebrations every year spread over the year. It starts with English Calendar new year in January, then around March-April time frame we have Maharashtrian New Year called Gudi Padwa ( The region I belong to.), then around September there is business New Year and in October-November time, in Diwali we have Gujarati New Year.(I have a lot of Gujarati friends.) So you see I celebrate new year , year round. 😉 When it is new year, we have new resolutions.

This New Year started with few health challenges I had to face but now I am recovering from it. So my number 1 resolution is to get into optimal health. I gained few pounds when I went for my sister in law’s wedding in India. So my resolution is to become like previous one and I don’t have to worry. Because I know my genetic type for food and exercise. When I follow that pattern, losing weight is just a piece of cake. ( not putting in mouth 😉 ). 2nd resolution is to finish 24-30 self-help books by December 2015, and third is more disciplined in life. These are some of the resolutions for new year 2015. What are your resolutions?