Care of Feet.

This is one of the dear topic to me. I had prepared this presentation for one of the educational camps for children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus organized by Juvenile Diabetic Parents Association of India. (JDPAI). There are some scary pictures in this presentation and I thought younger kids would be frightened. But they responded exceptionally well. They liked the idea of cartoon type appearance of the presentation and  some of the kids related to some of those pictures and told me that is exactly happened with my masi/aunty few days back. I was touched. I hope I can help other people get knowledge of foot care too. So here is my small contribution.

Disclaimer: People with Weak Heart should not see it. You should watch at your own risk.

And today is Halloween. Happy Halloween people. 🙂







The centipede story.

Its seems like ages since I wrote something on my blog. I just remembered this story that I read about somewhere. And as if I got extra shot of energy. Here it goes.

Once upon a time, in a far far away jungle, animals and insects decided to play a football match. It was animals vs insects. Now you can surely guess , who is going to win.. Right? The match started. Insects did some goals and so animals. But the animals were winning. But of course. Insects were trying their best to score. After the interval, entered the centipede!! Are you ready for this? And that little centipede changed the game completely. He was all over the place. And the “Team Insect” won with a large difference. The centipede was a star of course. In the interview, the centipede was asked the obvious question – Where was he in the first half of the game? What took him so long? The centipede answered, “I was tying my shoes. And I came as soon as I finished tying them”.

What a beautiful story!!  Sometimes, when we feel down or feel that we are lagging behind in the game, we just have to keep in mind and imagine. ” We are centipedes and we are now tying shoes. Our time is here. We are the star of our match.”