A person is Diabetic or a person has a diabetes- What is the right way to address?

   I have completed my 23 years of journey with Type 1 diabetes mellitus in the march of 2014 and I am looking forward to celebrate 25 years successful marriage with it.  I had seen diabetes as a 7 year old kid going to my friends birthday party and telling their parents not to give me sweets or cake during party. My parents had struggled to manage two kids with type 1 diabetes mellitus. I had been referred previously a diabetic child. Or Deepti is diabetic. All the doctors , nurses, relatives calling you a diabetic all the time. You might say- “So? How is that different from being Deepti has a diabetes or Deepti with diabetes? Isn’t that just play of words?” 

     Well..It might be just play of words for you “normal” people..But that play of words unknowingly makes the huge impact on the person who is actually living the life. Do you think about it? As a kid I had developed self image before that ” I am Diabetic. So I am not good enough to help others. I would be dependent on other people and always would be asking for help.” LIttle did I know that I was thinking wrong just because fell for play of words Diabetic. Even the identification cards that I had to carry with me said in bold red letters.” I AM DIABETIC”  Even now people call other people diabetic or themselves as diabetic. That is so wrong!! Seriously!!!

     A person should never be labelled. Yes. I agree that my Beta cells in the endocrine pancreas are not working and that I have deficiency of insulin. But I am not dead pancreatic beta cells. I am still alive. I breath. I dance. I think. I argue. I just do same as any other people do. Diabetes is a part of my life. Period. It is not my life. That’s why I call myself that I have Type 1 Diabetes and not that I am type 1 Diabetic.

  Ok. For an adult with diabetes saying that might be a trivial thing. But for a kid who has been diagnosed with diabetes, that creates a huge positive difference. It says ” Hey kid, I know that you have diabetes. But that is not the end of the world. That is a part of your life. You still have your dreams and your goals to achive. Go ahead. I am with you.”

   When I started exchanging emails with my husband when we first met virtually.( that is another story to tell.) I argued with him for I think an hour on how should we address ourselves. And I impressed him with it. And now whenever he meets other people saying the word “Diabetic”  he immediately corrects them. This is also true for parents introducing their child to others. Because a kid develops self image when he/she hears how his/her parents introduce their kid. The ideal way to introduce is “My kid is so and so.He/She has a diabetes and I am so proud that he/she takes such a good care of himself/herself “. Say it in front of the kid. The positive boost will definitely help the kid for the better future. So all my readers, followers and visitors , would you please spread this message to all the people you know?  They will thank you and you will feel good. Have a blessed life. 🙂


7 thoughts on “A person is Diabetic or a person has a diabetes- What is the right way to address?

  1. It is so true we as adults never realise this and keep on referring our child as diabetic thank you for enlightening us Deepti

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