Coffee and me.

Imagine a hot steaming cup of coffee in a nice ceramic mug! The fresh coffee smell only makes me smile and the thought is only so comforting!! I am not talking about CCD or Barista or any cafe’s special coffee. I am talking about homemade coffee in a chilly weather with a nice foam on it and the temperature is just right that you feel the warmth going all the way to stomach. Birds chirping and giving background music. It has just drizzled outside and looking green  around and the smell of soil after that rain. This is Heaven for me. And then somebody(not me ) is making fresh snacks like pakode or hot samosa and serving you while you are sipping coffee sitting in the balcony. Ahh! Blissful! Life is at its best! Image

I have tried so many different types of coffees till now.. Indian, American, Brazilian, Turkish, with milk, without milk, with chocolate, caramel etc. But for me the most comforting one is Indian instant coffee with milk in it. Second one is pumpkin spice latte! Try this coffee. Ultimate comforting drink to have in chilly weather. Starbucks makes that latte but then it comes with so many calories and carb overload that it is better to give it a miss than going through that load of sugar syrup. Btw do you know that coffee can make you happy and it also can make you sad sometimes? Really!! Coffee can get me high in my mood when I drink it in one way and can make me dull if I drink it another way. It is the relationship between caffeine and sugar/carbs. You can see that yourself too.

Caffeine when drank alone or with very little milk(lactose or non dairy) and no sugar can make you happy. Caffeine elevates mood. But the minute we add a lot of milk or sugar or any milk chocolate or caramel syrup, I can guarantee you will start feeling bad about yourself and the world within 2 hours. It happens with me all the time. Never a miss. I say this to my husband all the time, I don’t need alcohol to get high. Just increase a bit of coffee in it and I am positively high on life 🙂 Add some carbs to it and you will guaranteed experience depressed, dull deepti. This is side track. I love my cup of joe. So I am going to share my version of Pumpkin Spice Latte. That reminds me of the joke that happened with my mom. I told her that I started making pumpkin spice latte at home and she did not know what it was. When I explained that it has pumpkin purée in it, she shouted at me “Deepti have you gone nuts? Is that something you put in the coffee. I just smiled.:)Any way it is super easy and a lot fewer calories. I usually make it with coconut milk/almond milk but you can use regular milk too. So here enjoy a nice cup of coffee.( You get a small dose of orange vegetable too. shh. that’s the secret with this recipe 😉 )

Pumpkin Spice latte  For 2 people

Ingredients- 1. one cup brewed coffee-in water.

2. Half cup thin coconut milk/ almond milk.( Substitute regular milk if you want )

3. two tbsp pumpkin purée( canned or home-made just steam pumpkin without skin and make purée)

4. Pumpkin spice according to your taste. ( I usually just add cinnamon powder, ginger powder, nutmeg and clove powder if I don’t have pumpkin spice)

5. sweetener to taste. ( Sugar/ artificial sweetener)

Procedure- Mix pumpkin purée, pumpkin spice and milk and make the mixture warm. Add coffee to it and mix well. Pour it in the mug and sweetener to taste. Be careful as pumpkin itself gives sweet taste to coffee. You can top it with whipped cream if you want. Enjoy your cup of JOE.



4 thoughts on “Coffee and me.

  1. Hi deepti..such a pleasure to c ur blog.. Indeed ur jist ur will power to reach mass people n help them in ur own way is always worth appreciating ..i read your blogs they r awesome n you hv a long way to go…my best wishes with u always n yes keep posting such marvellous
    recipes I wil surely recommend them to my patients..keep posting:-)


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