Hello Everyone!!

Hello Everyone! I would like to welcome you to my blog with “Something health related.” Let me introduce myself. My name is Deepti A. Kulkarni. By profession I am a medical doctor and I have specialized in the field of diabetes. I have type 1 diabetes mellitus since I was seven. So I have been to both sides of the doctor’s table. 🙂 (Patient’s side and doctor’s side as well) . From this blog I am going to share my experiences, my beliefs, and everything related to be as “normal” as possible. You will find in my blog – some posts on receipes that I love, some posts on how I manage my diabetes and fun related to it, some posts on the exercise, some in general about prevention of diabetes complications( I can not separate the ‘doctor’ in me) . Basically everything that helps me and my friends to head towards better health. I would like to thank here my Mother and my Father for constantly encouraging me to write down my experiences and my experiements and share with the world so that other people will get benefitted with it. And dear husband how can I forget to thank you??  You are the one who is the backbone of our little world. And also you are the one who is also part of my experiments. 😉 Also I would like to thank my friends who were constantly insisiting- Write your blog Deepti, you have to write. Share it with everyone that you know. So here is my ‘Sree Ganesha’ to my blog writing. I am certain you are going to enjoy this. Have a blessed life. 🙂


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