A person is Diabetic or a person has a diabetes- What is the right way to address?

   I have completed my 23 years of journey with Type 1 diabetes mellitus in the march of 2014 and I am looking forward to celebrate 25 years successful marriage with it.  I had seen diabetes as a 7 year old kid going to my friends birthday party and telling their parents not to give me sweets or cake during party. My parents had struggled to manage two kids with type 1 diabetes mellitus. I had been referred previously a diabetic child. Or Deepti is diabetic. All the doctors , nurses, relatives calling you a diabetic all the time. You might say- “So? How is that different from being Deepti has a diabetes or Deepti with diabetes? Isn’t that just play of words?” 

     Well..It might be just play of words for you “normal” people..But that play of words unknowingly makes the huge impact on the person who is actually living the life. Do you think about it? As a kid I had developed self image before that ” I am Diabetic. So I am not good enough to help others. I would be dependent on other people and always would be asking for help.” LIttle did I know that I was thinking wrong just because fell for play of words Diabetic. Even the identification cards that I had to carry with me said in bold red letters.” I AM DIABETIC”  Even now people call other people diabetic or themselves as diabetic. That is so wrong!! Seriously!!!

     A person should never be labelled. Yes. I agree that my Beta cells in the endocrine pancreas are not working and that I have deficiency of insulin. But I am not dead pancreatic beta cells. I am still alive. I breath. I dance. I think. I argue. I just do same as any other people do. Diabetes is a part of my life. Period. It is not my life. That’s why I call myself that I have Type 1 Diabetes and not that I am type 1 Diabetic.

  Ok. For an adult with diabetes saying that might be a trivial thing. But for a kid who has been diagnosed with diabetes, that creates a huge positive difference. It says ” Hey kid, I know that you have diabetes. But that is not the end of the world. That is a part of your life. You still have your dreams and your goals to achive. Go ahead. I am with you.”

   When I started exchanging emails with my husband when we first met virtually.( that is another story to tell.) I argued with him for I think an hour on how should we address ourselves. And I impressed him with it. And now whenever he meets other people saying the word “Diabetic”  he immediately corrects them. This is also true for parents introducing their child to others. Because a kid develops self image when he/she hears how his/her parents introduce their kid. The ideal way to introduce is “My kid is so and so.He/She has a diabetes and I am so proud that he/she takes such a good care of himself/herself “. Say it in front of the kid. The positive boost will definitely help the kid for the better future. So all my readers, followers and visitors , would you please spread this message to all the people you know?  They will thank you and you will feel good. Have a blessed life. 🙂


The best antidepressant in the world! ( In my humble opinion.)

I read somewhere recently that ‘Food is the most abused drug and exercise is the least used antidepressant’. So true! Have you ever tried this antidepressant? It is amazing, I tell you… There are so many benefits of the exercise.

1. You feel good because of the endorphins that are released in the body. Your body acts as if it is on morphine.

2. Heart pumping gets better. Good for your heart.

3. Lung capacity increases.

4. Stress gets relieved.

5. Skin gets better because of the sweat and sebum released.

6. Immunity power increases. So you can resist minor cold, cough easily.

7. Stable blood glucose over long period. ( One of the big reason for me to do it. Because you know what it spares insulin. So less complications). Dos and Don’ts of exercise for people with diabetes I will discuss some other time.

8. Digestive system gets better.

9. Concentration increases. It boosts memory by increasing oxygenation to the brain.

10. Strength training reduces the bone loss over the period and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

So many benefits if done properly! I recently read in one article that everybody over the age of 2 should get at least 10-15 minutes of exercise per day and ideally it should be an hour. So everybody should be doing around 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week or at least 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week to be in best health. I recommend people to start with 4 minutes of cardio, 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of stretching and 1 minute of relaxation. That is just 10 minutes per day. Everybody can take out 10 minutes of their day. Right? I have taken my dose of this awesome antidepressant. Have you taken yours??

Let me know what you do for your exercise routine?


Coffee and me.

Imagine a hot steaming cup of coffee in a nice ceramic mug! The fresh coffee smell only makes me smile and the thought is only so comforting!! I am not talking about CCD or Barista or any cafe’s special coffee. I am talking about homemade coffee in a chilly weather with a nice foam on it and the temperature is just right that you feel the warmth going all the way to stomach. Birds chirping and giving background music. It has just drizzled outside and looking green  around and the smell of soil after that rain. This is Heaven for me. And then somebody(not me ) is making fresh snacks like pakode or hot samosa and serving you while you are sipping coffee sitting in the balcony. Ahh! Blissful! Life is at its best! Image

I have tried so many different types of coffees till now.. Indian, American, Brazilian, Turkish, with milk, without milk, with chocolate, caramel etc. But for me the most comforting one is Indian instant coffee with milk in it. Second one is pumpkin spice latte! Try this coffee. Ultimate comforting drink to have in chilly weather. Starbucks makes that latte but then it comes with so many calories and carb overload that it is better to give it a miss than going through that load of sugar syrup. Btw do you know that coffee can make you happy and it also can make you sad sometimes? Really!! Coffee can get me high in my mood when I drink it in one way and can make me dull if I drink it another way. It is the relationship between caffeine and sugar/carbs. You can see that yourself too.

Caffeine when drank alone or with very little milk(lactose or non dairy) and no sugar can make you happy. Caffeine elevates mood. But the minute we add a lot of milk or sugar or any milk chocolate or caramel syrup, I can guarantee you will start feeling bad about yourself and the world within 2 hours. It happens with me all the time. Never a miss. I say this to my husband all the time, I don’t need alcohol to get high. Just increase a bit of coffee in it and I am positively high on life 🙂 Add some carbs to it and you will guaranteed experience depressed, dull deepti. This is side track. I love my cup of joe. So I am going to share my version of Pumpkin Spice Latte. That reminds me of the joke that happened with my mom. I told her that I started making pumpkin spice latte at home and she did not know what it was. When I explained that it has pumpkin purée in it, she shouted at me “Deepti have you gone nuts? Is that something you put in the coffee. I just smiled.:)Any way it is super easy and a lot fewer calories. I usually make it with coconut milk/almond milk but you can use regular milk too. So here enjoy a nice cup of coffee.( You get a small dose of orange vegetable too. shh. that’s the secret with this recipe 😉 )

Pumpkin Spice latte  For 2 people

Ingredients- 1. one cup brewed coffee-in water.

2. Half cup thin coconut milk/ almond milk.( Substitute regular milk if you want )

3. two tbsp pumpkin purée( canned or home-made just steam pumpkin without skin and make purée)

4. Pumpkin spice according to your taste. ( I usually just add cinnamon powder, ginger powder, nutmeg and clove powder if I don’t have pumpkin spice)

5. sweetener to taste. ( Sugar/ artificial sweetener)

Procedure- Mix pumpkin purée, pumpkin spice and milk and make the mixture warm. Add coffee to it and mix well. Pour it in the mug and sweetener to taste. Be careful as pumpkin itself gives sweet taste to coffee. You can top it with whipped cream if you want. Enjoy your cup of JOE.


Too many life partners makes life….Interesting. ;)

I know it is not legal to have more than one life partners. And those who are reading are shocked. Right?  But yes I say, I have many life partners besides the person I am legally married to.. Type 1 Diabetes mellitus. Autoimmune hypothyroidism, Insulin pump and glucose sensors etc, etc to name few. Now you got the title right. 🙂 .

I call them life partners because I have to live with them till I can have permanent cure. Should I cry and be grumpy about it or should I smile and face the situation? ? It is totally up to me and I have made the choice to call them as my life partners. You like some habits and you dislike some habits in your spouse too right? So same for me with these other partners. All I have to do is to take care that they do not invade my personal space. 😉  I am very much bold about telling people that I have Type 1 Diabetes and love to hear what they say ” So you are diabetic! What do you take ? Is it very severe? Can you eat this? How can you eat those? etc”

I laugh and tell them – I am not “Diabetic”. I am a person with some extension/partner called diabetes. And I control diabetes , he does not.( Being a woman I address Diabetes mellitus as HE. 😉 ). And I can eat everything in moderation. You should try what I eat. It is not only healthy for me but also for you. :).

Oh, I am off track now. So I wanted to tell you that my life is more adventurous and interesting because of him. And all other partners that came with him. And sometimes I do take advantage of that. 😉 How?? I may share it later on..But because of this I could meet so many famous doctors in India and found my mentors. “He” was one of the reason that I became a diabetologist and could meet so many wonderful people. “He” was the reason that I gained so much knowledge and learnt so much about nutrition and exercise and found my passion. Because of “him” only I could meet my husband. So many good memories and some not so good memories attached with it!! So I think there was a reason and a purpose behind me meeting my first life partner. So ” Thank you my first life partner for making my life interesting. I love you too.” ( Sorry but not as much as my best life partner – My husband 🙂 )

Hello Everyone!!

Hello Everyone! I would like to welcome you to my blog with “Something health related.” Let me introduce myself. My name is Deepti A. Kulkarni. By profession I am a medical doctor and I have specialized in the field of diabetes. I have type 1 diabetes mellitus since I was seven. So I have been to both sides of the doctor’s table. 🙂 (Patient’s side and doctor’s side as well) . From this blog I am going to share my experiences, my beliefs, and everything related to be as “normal” as possible. You will find in my blog – some posts on receipes that I love, some posts on how I manage my diabetes and fun related to it, some posts on the exercise, some in general about prevention of diabetes complications( I can not separate the ‘doctor’ in me) . Basically everything that helps me and my friends to head towards better health. I would like to thank here my Mother and my Father for constantly encouraging me to write down my experiences and my experiements and share with the world so that other people will get benefitted with it. And dear husband how can I forget to thank you??  You are the one who is the backbone of our little world. And also you are the one who is also part of my experiments. 😉 Also I would like to thank my friends who were constantly insisiting- Write your blog Deepti, you have to write. Share it with everyone that you know. So here is my ‘Sree Ganesha’ to my blog writing. I am certain you are going to enjoy this. Have a blessed life. 🙂